Financial, Quality of Life, and Burial Assistance Support

Financial Support:

Penny’s Pals supports families in having the best quality of life for their medically complex child and having both parents present to create memories that will last forever when tomorrow is not certain. Parents shouldn’t need to choose between their livelihood and their final moments with their medially fragile child. More Info.

Quality of Life:

All families hope for the best Quality of Life for their medically fragile child. Music, dance, art, and other support, all can make major differences for your child and their journey. These things can never substitute for proper medical care but can allow for new ways of joy and bonding to enrich families lives. More Info.

Burial Assistance:

As your child transitions, Over the Rainbow, Penny’s Pals is here for your family with applications for burial assistance. Final arrangements can be costly and difficult to pay for during your time of crisis and loss. Please complete the attached application for support. More Info.

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