Financial, Quality of Life, and Burial Assistance Support

Financial Support:

Penny’s Pals hopes to allow families to keep their medically fragile infant as their number one priority and never have to chose between their livelihood over their precious moments together. We believe when families are present to bond and learn about their baby’s medical cares and needs can make a huge difference for their health, survival and can improve their quality of life. Having families near, isn’t always easy. When families are in a crises, they have to drop everything and go. Some are from out of state and many have to travel far distances to be near their baby. There are costly fuel expenses, long term hospital stays, lost jobs, medical expenses, hotel expenses and more. This is why we provide financial relief. (Fuel cards, grocery cards, gift cards and other support)

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Quality of Life:

Penny’s Pals helps and encourages families of medically fragile infants to cherish every moment and to learn and advocate about their baby’s medical cares and needs. We hope to provide more time for love, care, and celebrating their baby’s life. Even in the midst of grief or loss. This can also be beneficial for parents and families to cope. When time is limited, there are memories to be made. That one book they receive and read to their baby for the first time, may be the only one. That special photo, may be the only one together as a family and that one special holiday may be one to remember forever. This is why our Care Packages are so important. Depending on the Season, Holiday or Event: Each includes items for self care, bonding, child development, creative arts and more… These things can never substitute for proper medical care but can allow for new ways of joy and bonding to enrich families lives. More Info.

Burial Assistance:

When the unimaginable happens, we hope to lift some of the financial burden and help you focus on what is most important. Your family and your infant. Final arrangements can be costly and should be the last thing you have to worry about when losing your precious infant. Please let us know how we can help you honor your baby’s memory and complete the attached application for burial support. More Info.

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