Crochet Heroes was created by Penny’s Mom, Rose, after Penny generously received crochet items during her time in the NICU. The colorful patterns, techniques, and textures brought comfort and love during a time of need. Penny slept with 2 crochet octopuses with Mom and Dad’s scents. The smells made her feel safe. As a Preemie, Penny had difficulties regulating her temperature. The holes in the crochet blankets allowed her to be warm, but cool as well. She loved to poke her little fingers and toes through the holes and we color coordinated the blankets with her outfits. Seeing how much comfort they brought to Penny inspired Mom to learn and invite others to get involved! This is why Crochet Heroes exists today.


These items are collected and delivered to our favorite children’s hospital: blankets, hats, costumes, and breastfeeding shawls for moms. If you have a special crochet talent and would like to get involved, let us know.