Learning that your child has a complex medical diagnosis is devastating and scary. Your main focus becomes keeping your child safe and comfortable. However, there is beauty to be captured and memories to be had.


We cherished every moment with Penny, dancing, listening to music, planting a healing garden, celebrating monthly birthdays, playing musical shows on “Penny’s Porch,” going on lots of photoshoots, and more. Our time with Penny helped us create our Forever Memories program to help other families find ways to discover joy in the midst of dealing with a complex medical diagnosis.


We provide families with Forever Memories Care Packages that include items for self-care, bonding, child development, creative arts, and more.


If you would like to receive a Forever Memories Care Package, please contact us via the button below or at pennyspalsinc@gmail.com


Time moves fast when your baby has a terminal or complex condition. Don’t forget to capture your memories as a family.