When a parent finds out their child has a terminal or complex diagnosis, their world stops. Living day to day, not knowing when it will be the last with their child is the reality for many families. Penny’s Pals supports families in making every moment count and celebrating their child’s life when tomorrow is not promised.

During our time in the NICU with Penny, we were told she wouldn’t live to be 6 months old. Our focus became on creating the best quality of life for Penny, surrounding her with love, beauty, and joy. We cherished every moment with Penny, dancing, listening to music, planting a healing garden, celebrating monthly birthdays, playing musical shows on “Penny’s Porch,” going on lots of photoshoots, and more.

Penny taught us how to celebrate life in the midst of loss and how to cherish every moment when tomorrow is not promised. We want to share the love and joy that Penny gifted us with other families with children on hospice and palliative care.

What is our Forever Memories program? 
Our program focuses on creating meaningful experiences for children and their families on hospice and palliative care, including holiday events and other special moments as a family.

Our year-round events include Pal-entines Day Baskets, Easter baskets and Peter Rabbit visits, Halloween Boo bags, Santa Visits, Christmas stocking deliveries, Healing Garden Kits, and Birthday Kits.

We also provide custom care packages including books, arts and crafts, bonding activities, hands and feet stepping stones, family photoshoots and more, depending on what’s needed. If you’d like to receive a custom care package, please have your social worker make the request through the button below.