Every penny to Penny’s Pals goes directly towards the betterment of medically fragile children and their families. You can allow families of medically fragile children to be together when time is limited. Thank you for your donation. Thank you for being a Pal!


Did you know?


  • The average household income for the Austin, TX area is $32,672 annually.
  • A three-month stay for a terminally ill baby can average well over hundreds of thousands of dollars for specialized care and treatment.
  • Bills and mortgages can be well over $1,000’s of dollars monthly. When your baby has limited time, priorities change. No amount of money can replace the precious minutes and seconds you have as a family.
  • Not all families have full coverage insurance. In that instance, they will need to pay out of pocket.
  • Many necessary end-of-life medical devices may not be covered by insurance or Hospice. Parents will pay anything to make their baby as comfortable as possible during transition.

Your gift allows these families the ability to be together. Your gift can improve their baby’s quality of life and let their family make memories that will last forever.

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