✨Will you be my Pal-entine? ✨
Sponsor a gift of love and care for one of our 20 pals on hospice or palliative care this Pal-entine’s Day by making a donation toward a Pal-entine gift of a Gift card, Teddy Bear and Chocolates. Our total fundraising goal is $800. Donating $40 would cover one pal’s gift but any amount is appreciated.
Penny’s Pals believes that love plays an essential role in a child’s quality of life and can make a huge impact on their health and well-being, not only on holidays like this but every day. 
We remember celebrating our first and only Valentine’s Day at home on hospice care with our baby Penny back in 2020. We knew that it could be the only one we shared together as a family and she deserved to enjoy every second of it surrounded by so much love. She was celebrated with a special pink dress, a princess crown, a special photoshoot, gifts from family, and so many hugs and kisses from Mom and Dad. Though she couldn’t tell us through words, we could see love in her eyes. She felt loved and that meant everything to us. Which is why our Pal-entine’s Day motto is “LOVE is the best medicine; it’s available day or night and there is no prescription needed.” 
May we support our pals in making every moment count and creating forever memories as a family when tomorrow is not promised, from your hearts to theirs. Thank you for your support!
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PAYPAL: @Pennyspalsinc
VENMO: @Pennyspals
CASHAPP: $Pennyspals1